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We at TradingBot Solutions offer you a 100% FREE Virtual Crypto Trading / Paper Trading Bot!

That’s right! You can use all the essential functions of our Trading Bot for FREE!


A Virtual Crypto Trading Bot is a piece of Fully Automated Trading Software that will allow you to buy and sell on Crypto Exchanges.
It is “virtual” because it will not place trades on exchanges, but will simulate the trades. This advanced function will allow you to simulate trades on all exchanges we offer.

You can switch form virtual trading to real life trading at any time in a matter of seconds to bring your strategy life!


Our Virtual Crypto Trading Bot is free because we want you to be able to test your strategy before you invest real money.
This gives you the unique opportunity to test all your strategies in virtual mode and see if they work. Once you test out your strategies, you can switch over to live mode and start making real money- to use our live mode functionality packages start at just $49/month.



One of the main advantages is you can virtual trade on any crypto exchange we support. It doesn’t matter if these exchanges have a Testnet or not, we can perform virtual trades on all exchanges.

Additionally, the opportunity to test all strategies before you use “real Crypto” to trade is a unique and priceless feature!


It is straightforward and easy! Just register for FREE and you are good to go. We recommend using the TradingView Signal Bots since the Bot was made to trade these signals. (If you want to trade manually it will take a few more steps, but manual trading is not required- we provide that option for those users who prefer to trade manually.)

To use the TradingView Crypto Trading Bot function you need to sign up for a TradingView account. You can start with a free account or get a 30-Day Trial to test it out.

After you set up your first Trading Bot, the Bot will provide you with a line of text that you need to put in your TradingView alert box. From here, your Crypto Trading Bot will trade on autopilot for you!


Yes of course, if you already have a working Crypto Trading Strategy you can implement your strategy straight away and start trading in real life with real crypto.
If you haven’t found a winning Crypto Trading Strategy yet, our Virtual Crypto Trading Function is the perfect way to test out a new strategy then switch to live in a matter of seconds.


There’s no limit – you can use our Virtual Crypto Trading Bot as long as you want. You only will be charged if you switch over to live mode which costs $49/month.

Do you have more Questions about your Virtual Crypto Trading bot?

We are happy to hear from you!
Please send us an e-mail to


Paper Trading Virtual Crypto Trading You can now Paper Trade (Virtual Trade) using our fully automated Crypto Trading bot. We allow you to dest all your trading strategies without any risk before you trad on a “real” exchange!

This short video is to show you our paper trading function. We are able to paper trade with our Bots; which means we can virtually trade. You can test all your crypto trading strategies and you don’t have to spend any money. The real advantage is you can test a strategy and, as soon as you see the strategy is working, you can switch it over to a real exchange. I will show you how that works. If you have registered for our crypto trading Bot, you can simply log in and, if you are on our dashboard, you will see the overview. You can sign up for the Webinar. I would strongly suggest it. I have the opportunity to create a new Bot. I’m going to the help center and I will also check with our team. What we want to do now is to create a new bot.


If you have a new account and you go to settings, you will see I have set up these two new Bots. By default, you already have virtual bots for all of the exchanges. You have a virtual Binance Bot, a virtual BitMex Bot, a virtual BitMex TestNet Bot because the testnet is very different from the regular BitMex. Then you have a virtual Bitrrex Bot, a virtual Coinbase Bot and the virtual Poloniex Bot. By default, we give you virtual Bots for all the exchanges we support at the moment. If you want to start trading, you can start right away, just go to your Bots. Then you will see there are some bots already. If you don’t have Bots, you can create a new Bot here and then you have the opportunity to create a new Bot. You can also copy a Bot from somebody else, a Bot setup, and in a very short time, two-three weeks.

We will be able to provide crypto signals. We will provide our own signals for you. We have a builder inside of the Bot where you can build your own strategies. I will create a Bot here and then I will be able to create my trading Bot using this step-by-step wizard or I can go to the form and create it with the form. I’ve made a TradingView Bot because I’m getting the signals from TradingView. I will make a long trading bot. Remember, the exchanges will not allow you to trade long and short on the same exchange at the same time. You can set up two exchanges, connect two exchanges, and then you can trade long on one exchange and short on the other.

I set up a long one. Let’s say we want to trade on BitMex and the currency you want to create XBT USD; which would be US dollar to Bitcoin. The strategy is testing Bot 01. Then the time-frame, we could say we want to trade with a one-hour time-frame. We can set the connector. In this case, I don’t have any other Bitmax connectors at the moment, so I just have the virtual Bot. Then we want to trade 0.01, or whatever, Bitcoin and we want the Bot maximum two buy two times, for example. This is also interesting because we allow you to leverage trade. You can leverage trade up to 100% with our Bot and, in a very short time, we will be able to implement it next week.

We also have leverage protection; which means you will be protected from our side. If you leverage trade, we will allow you to check a box and that box will say “protect me from getting executed” and then we will fire stop loss, a stop signal, before the execution point is hit and you will never get executed again. If I open, for example, two trades and then a signal is coming into close a trade, I can decide: should this closing signal close one trade or all trades. I leave it to one, I could enable the take profit option here. I don’t do that now. I could set a stop loss. I don’t do that in the moment because I will set two closing signals. So this is all you need to set it up.

Then you copy this line of code. Simply go to TradingView. I have already set up all of the alerts. Let’s go through the alerts and I’ll show you what I did. We have the one-hour chart. If I go into that setup for the alert, you will see that this is the TD or TI indicator, where we’ll use the Tom Demark numbers. It’s numbering the charts from one to nine. It will buy on a green two and sell on a green eight and I set it up by picking the indicator, then I say “this is the green two.”

Then I say “greater than” and we will put the value 0. It will buy once per bar close and then it’s open-ended. It is important that you send the email to SMS; and the email address that you put into your TradingView setting for email to SMS has to be Then we will receive your signals. This is where I put the signal that I copied, so this is the opening long signal. This is slightly different here because it is from a different Bot and it has got a different strategy but I just copied it in here and saved it. The virtual Bot will already buy the green two. And then the next step is: I want to sell it. I will sell it on a green eight so that’s the same setup.

It’s the same indicator. We sell it on a green eight. The settings are exactly the same. I copy the closing part and put the closing part here and that’s all I have to do. And then I, because I’m not using a stop loss, I put in a third stop and this is a different indicator. It’s also related to the TD indicator, but it’s a color flip. That means if the color is changing all the time, if it’s going from a green five to a red one, there’s an x and, when this is happening, then it’s selling as well. It’s selling my long trades and my short trades. But let’s stay on the long side for the moment. I also copy in the closing signal in this trade. And as you can see, I can pull more than one signal in one alert box.

This is very convenient. I did the strategy the other way around. I’m buying on a red two, which is a short trade and I’m selling on a red eight as well. Exactly the same signals. I did this with a different Bot because this Bot was set up for trading long so I can create and start this Bot. I could go in and, if I want to have all the settings the same and I don’t want to change anything, I can go and copy and rename this as the paper trading for example “Paper Trading Bot- Short”. I’m now short-only and, in this case, you can still use the virtual BitMex Bot because if you trade virtually, it’s okay to trade short and long with the same connector. But if I would like to trade differently, I would say BitMex TestNet because I did the connectors already. I have two different connectors.

I have two connectors, one long and one short. If you want to trade long and short at the same time, you can use different connectors. I want to show you that there are different connectors because we put it in the long and short trading. This is basically how you trade virtually. You will have the connectors. I copied the Bot so it doesn’t allow me to change the connectors. I would put the short connector if I want to trade short and, if I want to trade long, I would put the long one if I send it to a real exchange. If you trade virtually, you don’t need to do this. This is a guide on how you can paper trade – virtually trade with our Bot. I hope that was useful. And I hope to see you soon in one of our Webinars. Register today. If you’re on your dashboard, just click on the signup button. It will take you to the signup page where you can register for our next webinar. I will talk to you soon. Bye Bye. Have a nice day.

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