TradingView WebHook – Crypto Trading Bot

TradingView WebHook for your Crypto Trading Bot

This video will show you how you can now use the TradingView WebHook to connect to our TradingView Bot.

Hi, and welcome to TradingBots Solutions. Today I want to talk about the new webhook function we just implemented to connect to TradingView.

If you don’t have an account already, just sign up for free at

Let’s get started. I already logged in into my account, one of our test accounts, and before we implemented the TradingView WebHook connection, you could just connect to TradingView using the email alert function.

So an email was sent to our trading bot and we have been trading this for you.

Let’s have a look.

If I go to my bots and I click on one of my bots, let’s just pick this one. After creating your bot, you will get the opening signal syntax and the closing signal syntax as you see in this orange box

We now also have this WebHook URL here for you that you can copy and paste into your TradingView alert box.

If I go here, you see the old option, which will allow you to still send and receive emails.

You could also use your own signal source to send your signals to our bot just using this syntax here. (Your signal source just has to be able to send an email to your crypto trading bot)

Now let’s go ahead and see how we can implement this webhook function. If I go to TradingView, and we look at the alerts I created here, you see that now I don’t have the email to SMS option ticked any more. The sent email to SMS – before I had to use this and you needed to modify the email to the SMS email address in your TradingView Settings, but now you don’t have to do this anymore.
(you still can or if you have older bots you can leave it like this it will still work / the webhook is a little faster)

Now just click here on the webhook URL and copy and paste that webhook URL that we provide you here in this orange box.

Go back to TradingView, copy it in the webhook feel inside your alert box here and just safe it.

Of course, you need to copy in the alert text we give you down here, so if you want to open a short trade in this example, it will just go ahead and copy your signal.

Here in this TradingView alert box, we can see I used a TI or TD indicator. This is a green one. I am trading on a line break chart at the moment. So what this is doing here is it’s opening a long trade.

As you can see buy long BitMax and also here this separator and space allow me to close a short trade at the same time.

My Trading Bot will open a long trade and it will close a short trade. And also do that in the other way around. So this is the new way to use the webhooks.

If you go into your bots now, you will see that automatically pop up as a new option.

I would strongly recommend using webhooks because they are faster and more reliable.

I hope that was useful and I see you in the next video.

Happy trading.



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