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Hi and welcome back.

In this video, I want to talk about the Crypto Exchanges we support at the moment.

So what exchanges to we support with our Crypto Trading Bot?
Let’s have a look.

You can have a look at the start page of our website and if you scrolled down, you see some of the exchanges, we need to update them, I just see.


At the moment we support:

BitMex Testnet
Coinbase Pro

If you go to your Crypto Trading Bot settings you can set up a new connector, you find all the exchanges we support there.
And actually, we also support not just BitMax we also support the BitMax Testnet

If you are trading on these exchanges, you can use our bot to trade on AutoPilot.

If you can’t find your exchange listed here and please use the chat function to send us a message and we will try to implement your favorite Crypto Exchange as soon as possible.

In your bot section, if you set up a bot, then you have got the opportunity to pick the exchange that you want to trade on. If we support your exchange you will find it listed in this pulldown.


This is what I wanted to show you in this video.
I hope it was useful and I see you in the next video.

And Happy Trading!

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