Sora Network (XOR) Coin Review


XOR is a new cryptocurrency that launched on exchanges in September 2020. As such, it does not have much price action at the moment. The coin started trading at $112 on September 9 but has been steadily declining since then. XOR currently trades at $42 per coin, which is more than 60% down from its listing price.


The Sora Decentralized Autonomous Economic (DAE) is the number one decentralized economy globally that allows everyone to create the best world together. Within the Sora App, users can send and receive the XOR tokens, build reputation points, and earn XOR by voting on Sora’s projects curated.


The Sora development team has been active since the project started. By November, v1 XOR on the SORA v1 mainnet will be converted to VAL. After the V1 mainnet, the team will start working towards the v2 mainnet, which is slated to be ready between December 2020 and February 2021.


XOR is listed on decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges such as Uniswap, Bilaxy, Hoo, 1inchExchange, Hotbit, Mooniswap, and MXC. As a new coin, it is not surprising that it is only listed on a few crypto exchanges.


At the moment, there are no prominent institutional or retail investors in the Sora project. However, they have a vast team of advisors that include Satoshi Hirata, Yoshimitsu Homma, Travin Keith, and others.


XOR is a new token, but its price has been abysmal since it launched. There are no prominent individual or institutional investors in the project at the moment. However, the Sora development team has been very active, and the launch of their mainnet could draw attention to the cryptocurrency.

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