Social Crypto Trading Bot


Social Crypto Trading Bot
Copy and share your Crypto Bot setups and trade on
Autopilot with our new Social Trading Function!

In this video, I want to show you a new way that you can trade. After registering for our Bot, you will see some new options in the dashboard. If you click on “Create a Bot”, you will see an option that is called “Copy Signals”. This is the new, and the fastest way, to start trading. There are only a few Bots because we need some more time to provide more Bots for you. If you are a user, you can start to share your crypto trading bots. From this day on, when you register, you can come in straight away, click on the box and then you can access the filters. There are four or five setups at the moment which you can easily copy and start to trade within seconds.

You can pick exchanges, you can pick the currencies you want to trade in and you can pick a profit. We have four Binance exchanges at the moment. One has a profit of 2% and one has a profit of 0.7%, so it’s only a few bots with not much going on. We have to put in the data of our bots before it’s really useful. And also, as a user, you can share your signals to other people and, in the future, we will give you the option to earn some money through that. If I want to copy this Bot, I don’t have to do much, I only have to click on a button. It will tell me that I can copy the Bot, I will name it, “copy crypto trading Bot”, for example, so I can set it up with a new connector.

A connector is in the settings. A connector is the API keys which will connect you with your exchange. You can set up new connectors if you want, but you can also use connectors that we have already, by default. As you open up your account, if you’re very new, you will already have this virtual account; which will give you the option to paper trade. So you can say, okay, you want to create this Bot strategy. We will not allow you to change the exchange here because this is a setup for a Binance Bot and that’s a virtual Binance exchange so you can trade virtually. You will not lose or gain any money and you can see how the strategy works. And, as soon as the strategy works for you, you can actually switch it to real trade.

You have some more options. You can auto-update this Bot. That means that if the person who shared this Bot updates the settings in the Bot, you can tick the box and automatically get these modifications to your Bots. This means that you can create this Bot and this is all you have to do with it. You can start trading in under 10 seconds. You have to the name of the setup, you have everything here and, you will see, it will stop for a moment because we want you to click on it and have a look at the setup. You can see exactly what the setup is. It was a TradingView Bot. It is a long-only Bot. It was trading USDT BTC. The strategies are in a one-day time-frame.

It’s virtual trading in a moment. It’s 0.5 Bitcoin. If this is too much for you just modify it to 0.01, for example. But, keep in mind, this could have an impact on a strategy. Then you could just go ahead and start it. If you start this Bot, then it will start to receive signals, so you don’t have to manually put in the signals because the signals will come from the people who shared the Bot. If you want to be independent and set this up for yourself, you can also use this to set it up for yourself. And if you want to change any other settings here in the Bot that he copied, go ahead and copy and then rename it “new copy Bot”, for example, and you can change all the settings.

You can change all the settings that you want to change. You can also change to a different exchange and start to trade with your own setup. You can also switch here from our virtual Binance to real Binance account. This is the way to perform social trades. Use our trading bot to trade very fast by copying other signals. If you go to your Bots, you can pick any Bot, and you can now share it. If you share this Bot it will ask you again if you want to share. You say yes, you share it, then your Bot will be in the list of Bots that other users can copy. So, if you go back, you will see that your Bot will appear on that list.

If it’s profitable, if it’s not profitable, we’ll try to filter it out. So it’s here. It didn’t make any trade till now, but this is the Bot that you share with the community so others can use it. And if you make updates in your Bot settings, you are able to send these updated signals to your users automatically. So I hope that was useful. Don’t forget to register for our Webinar. If you go to the dashboard and you click on that button, you will find the link to get into our webinar and learn much, much more.

I hope to see you soon. Bye. Bye.

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