New Singal Provider Integration – MiningHamster

MiningHamster Signal Source Connector

Hi and welcome to this video.
I’m excited to show you a new feature that we will roll out very soon!

This new feature is now on our development system and I will now show you what we implemented for you.
We plan to roll out this new feature next week.

In the future, if you are in your dashboard and you go to your connectors up here, to the settings you will see your regular connectors, but you will also see here a new section called signals sources.

We will give you soon a new way to connect much more than just TradingView and your own signals sources. You can now also connect to all kinds of signal providers.

We start with Mining Hamster. Manning Hamster is a crypto signal provider.
I go here to the Mining Hamster website you can see that they are providing many signals.

Let me login into my account so let me go to my backend, if you get an account with Mining Hamster, you can send signals to our bot in them very soon.

If you log into the Mining Hamster backend, you will see that they give you the API key.

This API key you can use in our new Mining Hamster Connector that you will find inside your TradingBot Solutions Settings on the top right.

And from this day on you can automatically trade all the signals that mining hamster will send you and they’re quite good signal providers.

This is a good first step I would say to allow you to add new signal providers.

We will also, of course, still allow you to connect to TradingView. You can send emails or you can use the webhook for TradingView.

And now we also have from next week on Manning Hamster and you will have a lot more different signal providers in the future.

If you know a signal provider that is sending good signals, just let us know, we’re happy to integrate new signal providers if it makes sense for everybody.

I’m very excited to show you this update and I will update you as soon as it’s implemented.

The way it will work is that you just add a new connector in your settings, and after that, you will then be able to pick this the new Mining Hamster connector.

I hope that it was useful and happy trading.

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