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Automate your Bitmex or Poloniex Leverage Trading Now!
You can use our Fully Automated Crypto Trading Bot even to Leverage Trade on Autopilot!

This is a short video that will show you how we can leverage trade using our Bot. If you are in the dashboard, and you have Bots already, you will find your Bots in our Bots section. If you have a BitMex or Poloniex Bot, then you can click on it and modify it to leverage trade. I have got some BitMex test Bots. I have short ones and long ones. If I click on a Bot, I will see my setup. Here, I have the name, the Bot type, (which is a TradingView bot, so it’s connected to TradingView) and we have got the direction. I am trading long on this exchange and I connected at TestNet  BitMex TestNet  account, which is also trading long. If you want to connect a new account, you go to the settings and, in the settings, you can add new exchanges.

As you can see in this screen, you have the setup for the Bot and this is where you can set up your leverage. If you have BitMex TestNet , BitMex or Poloniex, you can set your leverage here. You can now create up to 100% leverage with our crypto trading bots. The settings tab will give you the opportunity to add a new connector so you can add new exchanges and this will allow you to use the leverage, which will be created on the real BitMex exchange as well. But it can also use leverage trading on the TestNet  to test it out. Keep in mind, unfortunately BitMex TestNe thas got different pricing and there are no charts easily available, so you can use it to test trade.

I’ve done it in my account, if I look at my Bots, but the results are very bad. This is because I am using the TestNet  connection to BitMex, but I’m trading on a chart that is for the real BitMex account and the pricing is off up to $100, so between $20 and $100. The problem is it’s not the same chart. You can test trade on the BitMex TestNet  of course. Keep in mind, the numbers will be off and the results will not be that good, but you can see that the Bot is executing the trades on the BitMex test exchange. You can see that the numbers match up and the fees match up.

And as soon as you feel comfortable with that trade, you can go ahead and click on the copy button and then switch it to a real BitMex account and click create and start. Your trades will go, from this time, onto the real BitMex. Then you can leverage trade. You can always come back and change your leverage. You can always come back and change your trading volume here, what you want to trade and how many trades you want to do. Don’t forget to register for our next Webinar. If you go to the dashboard and click on the first button, you will find the link to the page which will take you to the registration form. And also, if you need any help, please feel free to go ahead and visit the help center or check with our team or just watch the Webinar. So have a nice day and a see you soon.


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