How To Create a Crypto Trading Bot

How To Create a Crypto Trading Bot and trade on Autopilot

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The question, we are going to answer today is:
” How To Create A Crypto Trading Bot

Let’s have a look.

To create a bot you have two options.
You can click here on your dashboard screen and create a bot or you can go your bots sections – even if this is still empty you can create new Trading Bots by clicking on the button here that says “New Trading Bot”.

Then you’ve got three options to create a bot. I show you the TradingView Bot option now. Ther is also a copy signal option and there will be soon a new option that you can use internal signals.

To create your first Crypto Trading Bot, just simply click on the TradingView Bot here and you can start the setup.

First, you give your Crypto Trading Bot a name, you can use this setup wizard or also use a single form setup. I will use the single form now to show you how the setup process works.

The purpose of this video is not tho show you all the exact settings in your setup so if you have any questions regarding the setup, please
looking for the details, just search in our Trading Academy to find the answers to all your questions.

Let me show you, if you go to our Trading Academy here, you will find all the details, how to fill out all the settings using the setup form and how everything works.

The second way to create a Crypto Trading Bot even more simple and done in seconds.

If you go back to the base where you can set up new bots you can simply pick the second option “Copy Signals” this is Social Crypto Trading and will allow you to copy Crypto Trading Bot setups of other users.

You see, this is a test account. So there’s not much in here. We have 3 BitMax Bots that are available in this test account at the moment.

One is showing like 3.49% profit, the other 2% profit and so on.
So I could just copy one of these bots by simply clicking on this button.

Again all the details you will find in a different video inside our Trading Academy.

I hope that it was useful and it was answering the question, How To Create A Crypto Trading Bot

Talk to you soon.

Happy trading.

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