Dex Tools (DEXT) Coin Review


DEXT is a new cryptocurrency that started trading in July. It reached its all-time high of $0.125 on August 10, but it is currently down by 57% from its all-time high. DEXT is now trading at $0.053 on cryptocurrency exchanges.


DEX Tools is an Assistant App for Traders, including multiple tools to improve your trading. The project started trading on cryptocurrency exchanges in July.


The DEXT development team has been very active since the start of the year. The team has achieved its objectives so far this year. In the third quarter of the year, the team is working on releasing the v1.0 of its platform, and it will come with new features, basic and premium services, and more. The next thing on their list is to develop bots and new trading tools that would help traders on Uniswap and IDEX.


DEXT is listed on both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. You can find it on Uniswap, IDEX, Hotbit, Hoo, Bamboo Relay, Bione, MXC, BiKi, Poloniex, 1inchExchange, and IndoEX.


At the moment, there are no prominent institutional or retail investors in the DEXT project. However, Alex Nguyen and Mauvis Ledford are advisors to the DEXT development team.


DEXT is a new project, and its price is already down by 57% from the all-time high. The coin is mostly available on decentralized crypto exchanges. However, the development team has been active in rolling out developments that would help other traders enjoy the services they offer. 

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