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This Video gives you a little walk throw our Crypto Trading Bot.

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Hi and welcome to today’s video. Today I want to give you a very short walkthrough through our trading Bot, and I will show you how to set up the BOT actually for free and how you can use it. So if you don’t have the Bot already, you can go to So if I go here, you will see the landing page of You will find some features and advantages that will show you why you should use the Bot. I’m not going to talk about that today. I want to show you how it works. So basically to get the BotBot, click on one any of the green buttons. And sign up for free now, you will then be redirected to the registration page fill out your name, email address, and you are ready to go.

As soon as you registered, you are ready to log in, and then you will see this dashboard. Here you have the option. If you click on the first button in the panel, you have the opportunity to sign up for our nex, webinar where we’ll explain everything in very detailed. The second button will allow you to create your first Bot. The next button leads you to the If the help center if you need any help. And here, if you clock on the last button, the chat button – you can chat with somebody from our team. So we want to set up a new Bot. Click here on this button to create a new Bot. The fastest way to create a bot is to copy an existing bot set up so you can take advantage of our Social Crypto Trading ability. If I click on this option, you see we don’t have a lot of bots in there just now.
If you find a bot there that you want to copy, you click on the Bot, and then here we give you some more information and some warning that you have to be careful with to stop losses and everything. If you copy a Bot, all you need to do is name it and then choose a connector in the next step. The connector is simply a way to connect your Bot to your preferred exchange. We offer virtual Bots, paper trading to you. So for every exchange, we provide virtual trading. Here you can tick the box auto-update trading settings when the shared Bot was updated this will auto-update your BotBot if the signal source or if the provider who shares the BOT is updating the Bot. Your BotBot will be updated automatically. Now click on create. You first BotBot is up and running.

That is all you have to do. I think that’s not even a minute.
The Bot is still stopped because we want to make sure you don’t set up anything on accident. So you still have time to make changes. You can click on the Bot and then check out the settings. So you see this BotBot was set up, it’s a TradingView Bot. It’s trading long; it’s trading on BINANCE, it’s trading USD to bitcoin. Here’s the strategy. It’s trading on a one-minute timeframe. It’s trading on BINANCE. It’s a virtual bot, so you don’t have to put in real money.

It’s all virtual TradingView Bot. The volume that the BOT is trading is 0.02 BTC. You can change that. Most of the fields that are darker gray here, you can’t change because, this is, set by the creator of the Crypto Trading Bot. So you can copy this Trading Bot if you want. If you’re going to change anything in that darker gray fields, you could go ahead and copy and give it a new name, and then you have precisely the same Bot setup. But you can change the number of active trades here and all other settings. Again, I will explain that in further details in some other videos. For now, this is how the most straightforward version to get started work.

We will very soon be able to provide you with internal singers and also a marketplace where he can get signals.

If you are and more advanced trade and you use TradingView, for example, we allow you to automate all of your trading strategies. If you are using indicators, if your indicators can send alerts, we can automate your crypto trading strategy for it.

You can choose our setup wizard which will guide you through the setup of your crypto trading bot, but I will use the single form, so we have a better overview.

I will name the Bot here; it will be a TradingView Bot. I want to trade just long because I want to set up a Binance bot. You could also if you are on BitMex around Poloniex trade short and long. I want to trade USDT to BTC, so I want to use USD to buy Bitcoin. With this strategy, I will take the same here as the Bots name, the time frame. I pick a very short timeframe so I can test the Bot, the strategy, and the connector. I will trade virtually, so there is no real money involved.

I set the BTC volume here, to 0.2, and I want the Bot to buy two times. This setting will allow the BotBot to buy two times and sell two times, but not have more than two positions open at any time. Here I could say I want to enable the closing single; I want to do that so I can close my trade with one open, so that means if I have two trades running and a sell signal is coming in, just one trade will be closed. If I put it to all, all of the open traits will be closed with one selling signal. I could put in here take profit. I could put in like if the trade reaches up to 3% profit, automatically close the trade and take the profit. I could enable the stop loss here. Let’s say you want to put in out a 3% stop loss and trailing stop loss.

Let’s say 1% trailing stop plus 1% here that means the trailing stop loss trigger. If the price goes up like 1%, it will automatically move up your stop loss, and it will move up the stop loss according to this number here. So 1%. Then all you need to do to get the Bot working is copy this here and start with the email address. Don’t copy the open long here. If you have TradingView go over to trading view, and put that buying signal on the indicator. In this case, this is one of our indicators that we can provide to you soon this is the Fibonacci level indicator. I can now click on the charts, and ad this indicator to my trading chart.

I can say if a Fibonacci level is crossing six down, this would be my buying level because if it’s down here, one, two, three, four, five, six, so if it’s crossing this line down here I want to buy, so I put in my signal. I put it once per bar close, and I have to make sure TradingView sends the alert to my Bot, so I need to tick the box send email to SMS, and now I can create the Bot. Then I will go back to the Bot and copy out the selling signal. So I go back to my TradingView account, and I go in here, ad another alert. See this is a smaller count.

Now, I put the second alert here. So now I will put it on a six up of course. And then I just copied the cell signal here, make sure the sent email to SMS is checked and this is all you need to do.

The last step is to create and start the Bot. Now the Bot is created and started.

Now if I go back to the bots, you have the option to click the box here, or you could say select all, and then you see the options: start selected, stopped selected, archive, selected, restore, selected, delete, selected and so on.

In here we created this Bot with ist the Fibonacci trading bot. Of course, I would suggest to name it much better. So you know what’s going on here. As soon a trade is coming in, you will see the signals down here, and you will also see signals coming in here. So it’s straightforward and convenient to see what is going on.

Sometimes in the signals tab, you will see that trades are skipped or not processed. You can always click on the eye symbol, and our system will tell you why it got skipped. So you may send signals that you don’t have a bot for or our system didn’t find any bots for it.

If I go here and check that out, it will tell me there are no bots. So this is the same issue. And let’s see if we find a different one because often the trade was already closed. So there is no suitable open trade. This signal is a different signal as you see. So we don’t have any open trades for this signal. That is why the closing signal was skipped. If you go into another trade that was processed, you will see detailed data and details for every trade, the data when the trade was executed, and all the parameters are here. Like this, you can dig in more in-depth here and all the details. You can also go here to related trades, here you see the trades and this trade has been closed already in the meantime. And if you go here on the ice symbol, you have all the details according to the crate.

You see the BTC amount we bought, and the closing price, the stop price, the trailing stop loss, which triggered it, closing signals close, the profit was 0.67% for example.

Ther is one thing that you need to do if you go into your TradingView account if you go to the settings tab here, so profile settings, you need to make sure that you put in the email address into your SMS email field. Your SMS email is very important, so don’t forget to do that. Otherwise, we are not able to receive your alert. And don’t change it here because here TradingView will tell you you can’t change it because this email is in use already and we, of course, use it.

And don’t forget that if you have the alert box, which we will open now. I click on it here, edit, make sure you don’t just send it to an email here. You need to tick the box sent email to SMS. You don’t need to check any, anything else. Sometimes I check the box to show pop up and play a sound because we are testing a lot of strategies. So in this case, this strategy, as I explained already, we’ll buy if it’s crossing the line.

And then we will wait until the indicator it’s crossing here. So it will then sell here. It didn’t buy here. So this line was not traded because there wasn’t an open trade to sell. This was not purchased, this was also not traded. And basically, we need to wait now until it’s coming down again and making a new buy. And then we can sell it. In the dashboard you saw already, your Bots, you have a list of all your Bots, you have a Trade History where you see all the open trades, and if you switch to historical trades, you alls see the closed trades.

These are all the open trades that are running at the moment. So we have two bots that are making a profit in a moment. And we have two bots that are making losses. We set up short and long trades to balance.

You have the total here, don’t forget this is a test account. And we do a lot of strategies in there, and some of the strategies don’t work that well. You see a lot of winning, a lot of losing.

Then there’s the signals page which is very important and gives you a lot of control. You can see what is going on at the moment. Are My signals even coming in or what is going on?

And then there’s the statistics page. The page has still quite a simple structured. So the only thing you can do here in a moment is to see which of your strategies is profitable or which is not,
we will give you much more data in the future.

On the top-right, if you click on the settings, you can add new connectors. That means if you decide to go for real trading. So you ad a BitMex API Connection.

If you, what to create a new trading bot you can do it here. In this case, if you have a real connector setup already and you put it to the.

So if I would go for BINANCE, there will be more connectors than just a Virtual BINANCE here in the pull-down. For a start, we always provide Virtual Trading Bots for all supported Exchanges to you. So You don’t have to set it up.

You can change your password here in the settings, and you can also change your time zone because then it gives you the right information about when the trades are coming in.

Subscriptions, I showed that already. If you want to use our service with real API’s on Exchanges, you need to subscribe.

If you need help, you have a chat window here where you can chat with us all the time, and if we have some updates, it will also show you up here in this window. So, for example, we just updated our dashboard, and we have a webinar coming up.

Bye Bye. Have a nice day.

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