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Hi and welcome to this video.

Today I want to talk about our BitMex Bot.
We have at BitMex Cryptocurrency Trading Bot.

If you go to you will see if you scroll down a little further, you will see our partner exchanges and they will see that we also support BitMex.

We support BitMex and we support BitMax Testnet.
You can test trade on the BitMex Testnet but I would suggest using the virtual connector. When I talk about Virtual Trading I am talking about paper trading on BitMex to test out your trading strategies.

If you use the Virtual Trading (Paper Trading) version of BitMex, you have the same numbers, the same pricing as you would have on the real BitMex exchange.

The problem is that if you use BitMex Testnet that we also support the numbers are not the right numbers.

So basically it’s different pricing on the BitMex Testnet and BitMex and it’s very hard to find charts to trade on BitMax Testnet.

So I want to suggest that you use the Virtual Training Bot (Paper Trading Bot), but if you want to check out how our bot will place the orders on your favorite exchange, then it’s very convenient to also use the BitMex Testnet to see how the bot will place the trades.

So sign up for free today!
Click on a button below and you will be able to sign up for free and you will find a lot of information inside our Academy.

If you go to the Academy, for example, and you type in BitMex into the search feel, you will see that we already have some articles wirten on BitMex Trading and support cryptocurrency exchanges and so on.

We have also just implmentet the TradingView Webhook connection. Now we also support the Webhook connection form TradingView to our bots.

If I go to the dashboard, you can create a new bot.
I can go here, click on add new Trading Bot.
I will create a BitMex Bot.

Now I will use TradingView as a signal source.

I type in BitMex here, I can create long and short trades and this is great for BitMex.

I would suggest to set up one bot that is trading long and one that is trading short.

If you trade virtually, you can trade long and short in the same virtual account.

If you trade on a real exchange, I would strongly suggest having two exchanges and to API keys.

Heighten Your Trading Experience with a BitMEX Trading Bot

As cryptocurrency has gained popularity, the demand for viable trading platforms has increased. While much of the market is still new, some leading players are beginning to emerge. One of those players is BitMEX. BitMEX is a crypto exchange platform that allows you to buy, sell and trade your assets in a virtual market. Your potential for growth while using BitMEX is substantial. To realize that potential, sign up for a BitMEX trading bot.

Understanding BitMEX

Before venturing into the BitMEX exchange, learn more about this platform. Arthur Hayes, Ben Delo and Samuel Reed worked with financing from friends and family to establish BitMEX in 2014. The partners founded HDR Global Trading Limited to operate BitMEX, and their small project now has a worldwide presence. In fact, according to some blog sources, Delo was the first person in the United Kingdom to become a billionaire from Bitcoin.

There have been questions from critics about the legality of this crypto platform. While the courts figure out the legal questions, BitMEX continues to thrive. It is among the best options for crypto exchanges.

The Appeal of BitMEX

One of the best things about BitMEX is its advanced functions. While many exchanges are marketed toward novices, BitMEX has advanced capabilities that appeal to experts. Professional traders flourish on BitMEX. You can leverage this platform to work with most major currencies. This includes Bitcoin, Cardano, Litecoin, Ethereum and more.

While using BitMEX, you can employ two types of contracts. This includes both futures contracts or perpetual contracts. Because futures contracts do not require full collateral, traders can make more powerful trades.

The Importance of a BitMEX Trading Bot

Because BitMEX has so many advanced options, it can be hard to develop a winning strategy. Fortunately, you can get help. Your success can be found in automated trading bots.

Auto bots use software to enable trades. The software is programmed with strategies that are governed by an algorithm that tracks moves in the market. Then, as the appropriate market criteria are met, trades are made automatically. In essence, a smart trading strategy is programmed into the very code of the software. This allows you to easily manage open trades on BitMEX and beyond.

What to Expect from Our Cryptocurrency Bots

When you download an account, you can get started right away. These bots are programmed to meet your trading specifications. This means that when market conditions meet your criteria, trades are automatically completed. This frees you up from the hassles of managing the market at all times, and it also limits the negative consequences of emotion in your trading. These bots empower your portfolio with smarter, more efficient trading.

The benefits do not stop there. These bots also have the power to help you with arbitrage, which can allow you to trade freely between markets. The API is advanced and accessible to give flexibility no matter what your experience in trading may be. The software is compatible with hosting providers like Github and other platforms like Coinrule.

Start Trading Better Today

In order to get started, you will need a TradingBot Solutions account. The price will vary depending on the type of account you want. Whatever pricing structure you prefer, these bots can help you break into the BitMEX platform and start making trades today.


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