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Connect your Binance Exchange Account to our Crypto Trading Bot and Trade on Autopilot!

Hi and welcome to this video, in this video I want to talk about our Binance Trading Bot.

If you go to and you scroll down, you will see all the exchanges that we are supporting the moment.

You see our exchange partners and you see we support also Binance.

We also support as you can see under the Exchange Partner section.

You have the opportunity to connect your Binance exchange account to our Trading Bot. It’s very easy to do, let me show you how easy it is.

If you don’t have a TradingBot-Solutions account already, please just click on one of them, try free now button wherever here or here.

You will be immediately able to start trading and we even give you
paper trading accounts for free to start

Here in the settings, you will see that you have all your virtual trading bots here already of course also virtual (paper trading) bots for Binance and

If we go back to the “Your bots” section and then click on “New Trading Bot”, you can set up a TradingView Bot for example.

Let me show you how that works and how easy it is to set up a new Binance Bot. So we’re just going here and we say, Binance Bot, for example, I picked TradingView Bot.

I do a long trade because Binance doesn’t support short trading.

I pick Binance here out of the list. I pick a currency that I want to trade. We automatically fetch all the currencies that you can trade on Binance. I pick whatever trading pair here, the stretchy, feel free to give it a name. You can pick a time frame here and now it’s getting interesting.

I already added some more accounts in the settings as you can see here in this pulldown.

I have a first real Binance account. I have a second real Binance account here. And I have a third real balance account here, so I already added this real Binance accounts to my list of connectors.

But if you’re getting started, you will already have this virtual Binance Connector.

This virtual Binance Connector will give you the opportunity to paper trade.

So already from the start, we give you a Virtual Trading Bot that will virtually (paper trade) for you, and as soon as you see that a strategy works, you can just switch the connectors.

If you would set up this Bot, you fill in all the missing fields and click on create and start.

You have a paper trading bot, and later on, if you see the strategy is working, you can just come back and change this connector here from Virtual Binance to a Real Binance account and save it.

Again, this is how easy it is to get started with our Binance Bot.

So I urge you to check that out. Go to TradingBots Solutions, set up your first Binance bot, and start trading cryptocurrencies with our fully automated Crypto Trading Bot.

I see you inside of our trading bot solutions family.

Happy trading.


Discover the Power of a Binance Trading Bot

Precious metals were once used as currency. Over time, society adopted paper money to boost economies. Now that our world is increasingly digital, the next frontier of currency has arrived. A cryptocurrency is a digital form of money that can be traded and used online. As more people embrace crypto money, the need for trading platforms has become pressing. This is why you should learn about the potential of a Binance trading bot.

Understanding Binance Trading

There are different cryptocurrencies available. In order to work fluidly in the digital market, exchange systems are vital. This allows traders to transfer from one currency to the next. Through a trade platform of this nature, it is possible for a trader to build a portfolio and manage the tools to turn a profit.

There are a number of such exchanges currently available. Binance is one of the most popular options. On the Binance Exchange, trades in more than 45 virtual coins are possible. This includes major players like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. When using Binance, users will have a crypto wallet. This is where all electronic funds are stored. To best support traders, Binance also has its own currency. The Binance Coin is increasingly popular in the digital world.

Binance has additional features. When you have an account, you have free access to ample trading data. In addition to trading, users can list, fundraise and withdraw currencies. It is even possible to launch a new currency on Binance. The exchange was launched in 2017, and with high levels of security, it has established itself as a mainstay in the cryptocurrency world.

The Advantage of Using Bots

Clearly, Binance is appealing. However, after you create an account, you must maintain it. If this is too time-consuming, there are other options. Instead of managing the risk of Binance trading on your own, you can turn to bots.

Trading bots are a huge asset in the trading world. Bots are programmed with the strategies needed to successfully navigate each trade. With software that tracks the price of each currency, the bot will know exactly when to buy or sell. Automated software can take the guesswork out of each order, which can help you build your portfolio with no hassle and no fuss.

Going with the bot strategy has other advantages as well. A bot will never sleep. This means that the bot will continually track developments in the market live. In this manner, it does not matter the time. Your bot will lock into key metrics to buy and sell under optimal conditions. This is the best way to boost your overall results.

Another critical key to API bots is that there is no emotion involved. When traders work in a live market, it is easy to get swept away by emotion. Excitement can push you to make questionable trades. Fear might make you sell prematurely. These emotional decisions can hinder your profit margin. A good shrimpy API will not have this problem. These bots use data and not emotions to build a solid, reliable portfolio.

Build Your Portfolio with a Binance Trading Bot

You can get the best results with just one simple solution. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a novice, our Binance trading bots can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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