TD Indicator Trading Bot


We at TradingBot Solutions believe the TD Indicator is one of the best technical indicators that exist.

As you probably know, the beauty of the TD Indicator is that it works for any asset on any time frame.

Yes, there are time frames that work better than others, but in this case, the synergy between the TD Indicator and our Trading Bot is perfect. If you use TradingView, you will find trading scripts that will allow you to display the necessary 1 to 9 TD Indicator numbers on your candlesticks.

We can set up both LONG and SHORT trades using the TD Indicator. To give a couple examples, one of the trading strategies we use for LONG trades using the TD Indicator is buying on the close of a green 2 and sell on a green 9 or on a color flip. One way we do SHORT trades using the TD Indicator is buying on a closing red 2 candle and selling at either a read 9 or a price flip. 

You can set up the alerts however you want, and you can even combine SHORT and LONG trading so the closing signal of a SHORT trade could automatically trigger a LONG trade and vice versa.

With this function, you are always on the right side!


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