RSI Crypto Trading Bot


RSI Trading Signals are one of the most common and necessary technical indicators. Trading RSI Signals manually is very time consuming, and it is almost impossible to always place your trades at the right time.

With our Crypto Trading Bot, it is straightforward to place fully automated trades on RSI levels. One way to do this is to use our TradingView and set up a buy alert on a low RSI level- for example, you could set the buy level on an RSI of 30, and set up a sell alert on an RSI level of 70.

You can also use RSI levels to place short trades. For example, you could send a BUY SHORT signal on an RSI of 70 and set a SELL SHORT alert at an RSI level of 30.

Best of all, you can even combine your LONG and SHORT trading strategy.

What’s more, you could even open a LONG or a SHORT trade on a Trading Signal and use our built-in Stop-Loss Function or our more advanced Trailing Stop-Loss Function to close the trade!


Free Crypto Trading Bot