Square is hiring Crypto engineers and paying them in Bitcoin

The US-based payment service known as Square is currently hiring Crypto engineers and offering to pay them in Bitcoin, which was confirmed in a tweet by the Dorsey, the CEO of Square.

“Square is hiring 3–4 crypto engineers and one designer to work full-time on open source contributions to the Bitcoin/crypto ecosystem. Work from anywhere, report directly to me, and we can even pay you in Bitcoin!”

His main aim in offering to pay the people in these positions in Bitcoin, and potentially other cryptocurrencies, is to to make the broader crypto ecosystem better,” which will better the crypto community.  Once payments start being made with cryptocurrencies for general day-to-day things, then crypto will finally be on the official rise - people simply need to make the shift and people like Dorsey at companies like Square are the ones who are taking this step forward.

Dorsey even takes it a step further and reiterates the fact that this move is in favor of bettering the crypto community over their company when he stated that “what’s best for the crypto community and individual economic empowerment, not on Square’s commercial interests.”  And in another tweet he mentions that “Square has taken a lot from the open source community to get us here. We haven’t given enough back. This is a small way to give back, and one that’s aligned with our broader interests: a more accessible global financial system for the internet.”

This is an incredibly important move forward for the crypto community as the growth of the crypto economy will only improve the state of cryptocurrency on the market which, in turn, will benefit everyone who has invested in cryptocurrency.  Square is undoubtedly one company that will benefit from a crypto boom.  Regardless, what they are offering is a massive boost to the crypto community and everyone within the community will be grateful for it.

As it stands, Square has registered $116 million in annual Bitcoin revenue in 2018.  Dorsey's support for Bitcoin can be seen in other tweets such as the one where he mentioned that cryptocurrency in the currency of the internet stating: “[Bitcoin] was something that was born on the internet, that was developed on the internet, that was tested on the internet…It is of the internet.”

Square is boldly making the move that the crypto community needs to ensure that cryptocurrency gains the attention and trust that it is currently lacking and perhaps then it will become the world's single currency, as Dorsey so wishes.