ICE, New York's Stock Exchange, launches data for 57 Altcoins

Bitcoin's momentum is building and there are so many other cryptocurrencies that have been left out of the crypto market.  There are so many altcoins out there that it is simply not possible to list them all on the market, however, the New York Stock Exchange is looking to launch data for 57 altcoins.

This move could be attributed to the recent growth we have seen in the cryptocurrency market with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP all on the rise.  The addition of the data of the new altcoins onto the market will definitely cause them to rise in value and may be a point of interest for potential investors.  The cryptocurrencies will be added in order to increase transparency in the cryptocurrency space.

The addition of the new data feed is a move which will hopefully provide some quality information about cryptocurrencies for businesses and larger investors as there has been an evident lack of information in the past.  There is extensive information on Bloomberg and other marketplaces where one can search for a brand and gain inside information about the brand, market trends, and history which is not available for the cryptocurrency markets - but the ICE is looking to change this.

The live cryptocurrency feed does not necessarily give enough information to potential investors and it is of utmost importance that everyone does their own research before investing in cryptocurrencies and having this new data at one's fingertips will definitely help people make a decision and will, in turn, grow people's confidence in cryptocurrencies which will hopefully grow the crypto-economy.

Surprisingly, Binance Coin has not made its way onto the list - which is the only cryptocurrency which features in the top 10 of cryptocurrencies which did not make the cut.  ICE most likely has its own reasons for making this move which has not been brought to light yet.

The inclusion of the data of altcoins is an interesting addition to the crypto world and will certainly have an effect on the current investments in cryptocurrency.